Finite Element Analysis is used to quantify stresses and deformations.  Some commercially available FEA programs which we have experience include NASTRAN, LSDyna, ANSYS and SolidWorks Cosmos.

Smac4 computer simulation.

HVE2D Smac4

HVE2D Smac4 is a commercial simulation program from Engineering Dynamics Corp.  It is used to simulate multiple simultaneous impacts with up to 4  vehicles.


mSmac computer simulation.


m-Smac is a commercially available simulation program from McHenrySoftware. It is used extensively in accident reconstruction to simulate vehicle and tractor trailer impacts.


EdCrash computer simulation analysis.


EdCrash is a commercial simulation  program from Engineering Dynamics Corp.  It is an industry standard computer program that is used in accident reconstruction to generate change of velocity analysis from crush damage.


3ds Max computer analysis

3ds Max

3ds Max is a commercial  computer program from Autodesk.  It is an industry standard program that is utilized to generate a sequence of events based on aligning physical evidence located on the vehicle(s) and environment.


Linear momentum analysis.

 Linear Momentum V

This is a standard analysis based on classical physics.



Dynamic Models

Dynamic simulations are not limited to computer programs, but are also provided thru physical scale models.