63 mph crash with Hybrid II instumented dummy.

Vehicle to Vehicle

We have worked with all the major crash  facilities to conduct a myriad of impacts.  That experience includes fully instrumented vehicle to vehicle impacts.

High G sled with unbelted occupant.

High G Sled

The High G Sled is used where repeatability and control are required. This provides us a means for quantifying direct comparison of occupant motion and loadings.


33 mph vehicle underride.

Vehicle Override

Participation in crash programs hosted by a myriad of groups helps us provide the latest in forensics analysis.

50 mph frontal barrier impact- bh2vk.

Frontal Barrier

We have conducted frontal barrier impact crashes ranging from low speed bumper contacts to spectacular high speed impacts.

15 mph frontal barrier with dummies - bh2vk.

Occupant Analysis

We have experience with  occupant motions in vehicle to vehicle, sled, frontal barrier, and side barrier impacts. 

45 mph side impact into barrier impact.

Vehicle Side Impacts

Crash performance in side impacts has become a hot topic.  Our experience includes instrumented hybrid II dummies in side impacts.